It's nothing personal, but me has to take precautions ^^ So, just comment and tell me a little about you. I'll be happy to add you ^^

Also, if I have de-friended you, it's because you've been very silent in a long time or you haven't posted anything at all to your journal. If I was wrong, please tell me and I'll be happy to add you back ^^

I DON'T ADD people who don't comment and tell me something about them first.

From: [identity profile]

Ok, so you're into SPN, Moonlight, HP, QaF (judging by your icon) and you listen to Chris Daughtry (according to the post you made in spnstoryfinders). How can I pass by a journal with those interests and not friend it? lol

Friend me back?

From: [identity profile]

Yes, that's me ^.~

I'll certainly do that ^^ I love new friends, so welcome!



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